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Free good plug-ins within OSX (was: Re: choosing the right laptop for live looping , real time DSP processing and running Video

A couple of days back someone posted what he thought was nice with  
using OSX for audio. I answered that post by mentioning some OSX only  
applications I like very much. But today I suddenly found out some  
great news about OSX. As you probably know Apple is bundling 16  
different audio plug-ins with OSX. When I first tried them out some  
three years back they were not very light on the CPU and brought some  
crackling noise artifacts as well. During the two last years I have  
been mostly looping in Windows with Mobius and producing recordings  
in OSX with Logic, so I have not really had any reason to even load  
any of Apple's free plug-ins. Today I did and found that the buys at  
Cupertino must have been working a lot on them lately because even my  
old G4 1.25 GHz powerbook can run an Eclipse-sounding patch I mocked  
up with the free Matrix reverb and a Pitch-Shifter put in a feedback  
loop that feeds back into its own input. Holy crap what a pristine  
sound! For those lucky to own a modern intel mac I imagine not many  
commercial plug-ins would be needed really. I just had to post this,  
because two years have passed without me even knowing this have been  
happening. So if anyone else should be interested, now you know too.  
You find them in any audio applications under "AU Effects / Apple"

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen
www.boysen.se (Swedish)
www.looproom.com (international)