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OT: help / advice needed (C-14 error, CD recorder)

Sorry to stray a bit from loopness, or even interesting music, etc,  
discussions, but I have a little dilemma
that I thought I would ask on LD list about. It concerns my stand- 
alone (no computer in the "loop" :-) )
CDr recorder that I have and a problem that has developed very  
recently. (and after a few years of previous great service).

The unit is a Sony RCD W-500C, dual tray, with analogue input jacks,etc.
I am sure a lot of you know what these kinds of units are.

The prob is that now, on the record side, after I have recorded  
something (or THOUGHT I DID)
from the analogue in jacks, and after watching the VU meter  
responding to the signal coming in,
the display window says "C-14 error" when I stopped recording and  
prepared for the next signal input     ???

Besides the obvious answer that it means that it did not record  
(duh!), what do ya think has happened inside the unit (OR...?)
and what can be done about it? Is it worth shelling out some dough to  
get it fixed, or should I just say bye-bye to it
and try to find another one of these things? I hope I do not have to  
that, though.  (OR...?)

And yes, I did try 2 other blank CDrs from the same stack and this  
occurred on both of them, as well.
I have always used TDK CDr disks in it previously and this prob before.

Any clues or advice will be greatly appreciated, but maybe any  
replies should be sent to me privately
so as to not clutter up the list with some extra OT posts.   


-Rev. Fever