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Re: Good light headphones

How about custom-molded in-ears phones?  I have the lower-end ones from 
Future Sonics and they are great.  I use them with everything: iPod, 
practicing, as stage monitors, even as ear plugs for sleeping on 
airplanes.  They get a little sweaty after a while but are much better 
than full headphones.

Hmm, I just checked and they appear to have discontinued the ones I have.  
I paid $200 for the phones and $100 for the audiologist's fitting.  But 
there are other brands out there.

Actually, the squishy foam inserts work very well; you just have to wait a 
couple seconds for them to expand each time you insert them.  And the 
silicone inserts work well for some ears.  It's important that they fit 
snugly.  You can test fit/listen at iPod stores, Brookstones, Sharper 
Image, etc.


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So, I've found the best time to play music in my world is on the weekends.
My studio is basically a room that doesn't get much ventilation if you 
keep the windows open.  It's on the ground floor and I worry that I'll be
way to noisy to my neighbors so I've been wearing headphones.   They're
good... a $100 or so pair of AKGs, but they're HOT after a while.  Any
recommendations of a decent pair of studio headphones that allow one's 
to breathe?  Audio getting in isn't that much of a problem. 


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