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Re: First Loop Sync

On 22 aug 2007, at 13.45, jnd wrote:

> Not sure I understand the Punch in / out advice you gave me.
> Would you mind explaining it again?
> Thanks

Open the GUI window for the plug-in and look for the small boxes  
named "puch in" and "puch out". Click inside them to select them and  
make this function active. Then assign some MIDI event to the "Tap  
Record" button. Under the correct settings a Tap Record command will  
start a recording (for the length set by the combination of Beat  
Divisor and (number of) Beats. When the recording is reaching the end  
of the loop the Input Level will automatically return to zero, and  
your noisemaking will not be overdubbed into the loop - only heard on  
top of the loop.

> Do you control Augustus with a midi remote controller?


> Have you had any problems with that?


> I am trying to control Augustus with a max-msp patch that sends  
> midi messages through controller 22 ( mapped on the augustus manual  
> as input level knob ) channel 1.
> - on max-msp midi setup i have "from max-msp 1" chosen has an  
> output device.
> - on Live Midi Sync preferences i have the  input: from MaxMpsp1  
> Remote ON
> - on Augustus I have selected midi in Channel 1&2.

You need an additional setting i Live's MIDI preferences. You have to  
tell Live which MIDI input it shall listen to for Track Input!
After setting that up you can use any MIDI Track in Live to direct  
any MIDI Input directly to the looper plug-in (here Augustus Looper).

So, given you use Max as the MIDI controller (ie sending out the MIDI  
events for AL to react on) you hold down the mouse button over a MIDI  
Track's input field and choose the relevant Max MIDI output and then  
you hold down the mouse button over the same MIDI Track's output  
field and choose first the Audio Track hosting the AL plug-in and  
secondly the AL plug-in.

---> Next level info:
With Augustus Loop under Live there are two ways of targeting looper  
parameters for MIDI control. One is to use Live's internal MIDI  
mapping. Doing this will overrun the plug-in's pre configured  
bindings of events to parameters. Another way is to read in the AL  
manual to find out exactly which MIDI events are pre configured to  
control certain parameters values. Then you send the relevant MIDI  
directly into the plug-in. My experience is that this works better  
although it's a little bit more tedious to set up (I just hate  
programming and setting stuff up).

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen
www.boysen.se (Swedish)
www.looproom.com (international)