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Re: RC-2 : First impressions / comparison RC-50

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From: "Travis Hartnett" <travishartnett@gmail.com>

> Imagine a Boss pedalboard where all the pedals have no knob markings
> or names on them--not very usable.

Sounds wonderful to me, if I can assign my own parameters via the computer.
This is what a lot of us computer geeks like...that sort of flexibility. 
Heck, some
of us don't even need to see our VST effects, because we control eveything
via MIDI controllers.

 There has to be some display to
> communicate a lot of information back to the user, and I don't believe
> there's anything in the VST spec which would make it easy to map all
> the parameters (of wildly varying number) to a keyboard  shortcut or
> whatever.

It can be done. I could build a VST that responds soley to keyboard 
or MIDI commands, or Mouse, or to movement captured from a webcam, etc
The manufucture would just have to program to pedal's nobs to respond to
VST parameter messages.  It's basically like a Receptor Muse but without
a display.


> On 8/24/07, Kelly Coyle <skcoyle@gmail.com> wrote:
>> I don't know. You can probably work your PDS 20 OK, or your "Metal
>> Zone" distortion. If the controls weren't rotary encoders, but 0-11
>> knobs (where the knob position *was* the setting) it shouldn't be a
>> problem for at least a few knobs. Of course, if you had seven of these
>> boxes, or changed the VSTs out all the time, then you might have
>> issues. I never had much of a problem with my Nord Modular if I stuck
>> with the few patches I used a lot.