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Re: behringer again again (wasprogrammable delay?)

I guess I'm saying that _this particular example_ isn't reverse
engineering. It does seem as though Behringer is guilty of ripping off
other companies designs in other examples. But in this example,
Behringer just seems to be using common componentry to keep costs
down, which is actually _good_ engineering. They aren't really
"ripping off Electro-Harmonix" any more than Line6 rips off
Mesa-Boogie with their amp emulation. (Or Mobius rips off the EDP to
bring this back on topic : )

On 10/4/07, James Richmond <yahoogroups@jamesrichmond.com> wrote:
> Their copy of the Ebtech cable tester is pretty much a direct copy both 
> looks and electronics.
> I've opened them up side by side.
> Jim

Art Simon