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Re: On vs off topic -and- irritating people...

   Hi Per, thanks for your reply.  Yes, I'm familiar with filtering and 
such, and am subscribed to several email lists that all go to appropriate 
inboxes, or multiple lists to one, so I'm completely comfortable with 
that, but the points I was trying to make, I think might have been lost...

   Firstly, having all of the LD traffic, (whatever that may be) on one 
'LD' list, promotes a smooth flow of ideas from extreme to extreme, which 
is personally, what keeps me coming back here to this list.  Without that, 
honestly, the list would hold considerably less interest for me.  :)  
my own opinion, of course...

   Secondly, if a second list is to exist, and be somehow affiliated with 
LD, why should the moderation style HERE change?  I know we've said that 
the status quo is to be preserved here, but as long as 'OT' posts are 
somewhere else, that's not really happening in practice is it?...
   In other words, rather than simply letting this list adapt as it has 
done before, to accommodate people, actual material that would have gone 
THIS list is now, not.  So, instead of simple changes to the existing 
to adapt it, it's being completely diverted, in an 'all or nothing' 
fashion.  Does that make sense?...  Furthermore, there is now more 
bandwidth on a regular basis about what is on vs what is off 
topic!  lol!  Isn't this exactly the sort of thing we were trying to 
avoid?...  lol!  -And of course, my own posts here, not withstanding!  :)

   Now, having said all of this, as I understood what happened a few weeks 
ago, people were simply not happy about a book discussion which they felt 
interfered with the gear chat...  So, a new list was started, where things 
like book chats could happen.  I.E. LDOT...

   What I'm wondering is why the exclusive / heavily moderated gear chat 
and more extreme on topic format nature couldn't be applied to THAT list 
rather than this one?...  Why do the book chats need to leave and the gear 
chat stay?...  Why can't the book chats stay, and the gear chat stay as 
well?...  :)   -But, the extreme no-frills 'on topic' gear chat could move 
to the new list...
  Meanwhile, here on this list, we could simply continue as is, or was, 
rather, :)  and just be more aware and practice better netiquette and have 
both book chats AND gear chats?...  This doesn't, at the moment, seem to 
what is happening.  (even though we say it's supposed to) If I'm mistaken, 
then so be it, but I don't think I am...

   Lastly, as for my own personal thoughts on subbing to the new list, 
(aside from my mention above, of the notion of too much 
compartmentalization of the flow of ideas, causing interference in effect) 
just in a general access sense, different lists cause my email client and 
screen reader to ;display header info differently, so in effect, different 
lists are easier and less time consuming for me to read.  This is one of 
the easy ones, whereas Google (while definitely not being the most 
difficult) is not...  So for me, joining a chat list in that format would 
only be a nuisance.  And, as I'd mentioned above, even if I did, the flow 
that has happened HERE, because of both extremes being present, still 
wouldn't exist.  It's like separating a cake out into it's ingredients, 
serving them.  :)  Sure, you'd still get what's in the cake, BUT IT'S NOT 
CAKE!!!  :)  lol!

   Am I making sense now?...

   So, what I'm saying is that I think fragmenting like this is changing 
the primary nature of the list.  If that's what people want, then fine, 
that's cool!  :)  It's just not MY personal preference...  :)

   -And, as long as there is some sort of venue which is sort of, but not 
quite, affiliated with LD, where the book posts go, :)  rather than going 
here, this list is a different place...  Does that make sense?...

   Anyway, I hope I've clarified my points.  Have a terrific day!...


Cara  :)

At 09:16 AM 10/11/2007 +0200, you wrote:

>Just a reminder of what initially kicked off this discussion, since
>no one have so far mentioned that in this new thread. It was about
>making life a little easier for those who struggle with a digest
>version of the list. In the digest version many letters are baked
>into one super letter, which means the user can not use normal e-mail
>filtering. Especially problematic for digest reading is when someone
>quotes way too much and out of context.
>But people, please don't stop quoting now! Intelligent quoting makes
>reading a lot easier and is generally regarded as good mailing list
>manners. When replying, you should keep just as much of the old text
>needed for a new reader to get the background to your own reply. Drag
>with mouse button held down to mark text that you want to quote, hit
>Reply, type something and finally hit Send.
>Thank you, Travis, for posting the list rules to the list. It just
>dawned on me that I have never seen those on the list and that's bad.
>Most lists have an automatic function that posts the general list
>rules once a month to the list, just as a reminder.
>The "mysterious LDOT list" is not associated with this list in any
>way other than that it was crated as a private initiative by a member
>of this list and that some more members of this list is subscribing
>to it. I personally use it to post things like guitar amp reviews,
>funny stories or whatever not looping oriented. As for Cara's wish of
>having it all on this list I would like to suggest a way to make that
>happen in your own praxis; simply subscribe to the other list and set
>you mail application to dump those mails into the same box as the LD
>list. You don't even have to know to which list a single message
>belongs - hit reply and it goes back through the same "list channel"
>where it came in.
>Greetings from Sweden
>Per Boysen
>www.boysen.se (Swedish)
>www.looproom.com (international)
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