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Re: OT On vs off topic -and- irritating people...

At 09:30 PM 10/11/2007 +0100, you wrote:

>hi Cara, I appreciate your concern
>..but the LD list has stayed *exactly* the same
>LDOT is just a few friendly people who felt they didn't
>want to clog the list with their nonsense. Posting stuff
>they wouldn't post on LD.
>Hey Andy, thanks for your note, but that's sort of my point; this sort of 
>thing is exactly the sort of thing that would have been posted 
>before.  I.E. salsa recipes and such!  Catch my meaning?...

>Don't worry, you're not missing out.
>You have the whole cake.
>   :)  Well let's hope yer right, K?...  :)  I know I can have the 
> ingredients; I suppose it remains to be seen how much of the cake I 
> actually have!  :)  lol!

   Oh, and BTW, can you make it CHOCOLATE?!!!  Really really DARK?!!  
you!  *looks extra cute*   :)

Have a great day!...


Cara  :)

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