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Re: the Looper makers on this list (was: What's the best vocal looper to buy)

Don't forget  Butchie "RC" Roland. You cant get that guy to shut up.  
The problem is, is you can never hear the first 2 words of anything  
he says.

On Mar 10, 2008, at 2:24 PM, mike@michaelplishka.com wrote:

> The Rang maker, Mike, indeed hasn't been present.  While he is a  
> nice guy
> and easy to deal with, I have noticed a certain "commercial arrogance"
> from him with regards to some of the noise problems, as in, "That's  
> the
> way it's designed, not everyone has a problem like you, so do someting
> else." Now that something else might work, but it's another $200!
> I wonder how such an amazingly high profile gathering of loopers is  
> so LOW
> on the radar scopes of looping companies.  I've done product  
> development
> for 17 years and lists like this would be scanned every week if I  
> was in
> the business of making loopers.
> c'est la vie....
> ~peace~
> Plish
>> thats right. mike's his name. i never saw him here.
>> now i have not been here all the time so....
>> --Adrian Bartholomew
>> Quincy, IL
>> "Life rocks, when you don't give a damn about it."
>> On Sunday9,Mar 2008, at 10:05 PM, Matthias Grob wrote:
>>> thank you for forwarding, Andy!
>>> this list grew out of making the EDP!
>>> I started a community in '92 with Eric, Willy, Ljubo, Michael Peters
>>> and others and '94 Kim joined and brought us on line in '96,
>>> together with another root that came from the DT list...
>>> and list members Andre LaFosse, Andy Butler, Claude Voit, Bernhard
>>> Wagner and others turned into makers of the EDP!
>>> many other loop tools grew out of this list and their makers like
>>> Bob, Mike, Jeff, Jesse, Os, Aaron,,, are more or less present.
>>> we also had visits of the older masters Gary Hall (PCM42), Bob
>>> Sellom (PCM42, JamMan) !
>>> the products we create are not limited to the vision of some 9-5
>>> engineers but turn into pools for all the ideas and wishes flying
>>> arround here...
>>> Looping is not so much a new technology as a new way to create, an
>>> new category of tools (neither instrument nor effect nor
>>> recorder...) and we even experience a new spirit of collaboration...
>>> some kind of a friendly industry branch?
>>> well, nobody made the big money yet, which usually attracts the
>>> sharks ;-)
>>> ...and Roland, who made the most money with the least suitable tool,
>>> is not present.
>>> I confess that I dont look through all LD mails any more :-(
>>> during many years I spent hours and hours to explain all I knew
>>> about the EDP and Art as clear and short as possible...
>>> so sometimes I dont answer because I think the answer is arround in
>>> the archives or with members that went into it
>>> and some things I forgot because I dont use it and was involved with
>>> other technology
>>> but some times I love to say something new and spend time for
>>> research and typing what is not my language...
>>> ...and recently I came back to programming for LOOP, so I may start
>>> questions here ;-)
>>> in any case, I am happy if you copy a mail to me privately if you
>>> feel its of interest for me
>>> or if you think I should say something about it!
>>> I hope I manage to make you the best vocal looper ;-)
>>> Matthias
>>> On 9 Mar 2008, at 18:18, andy butler wrote:
>>>>> the maker himself wrote in answer to the undo problem!!! i havent
>>>>> seen the RANG owners or the makers of the EDP ever respond to
>>>>> anything on this forum.
>>>>> way to go Bob. ill start calling YOU tuner peg. lol.
>>>>> looking forward to the UNDO. YESSSSSSSS.
>>>> EDP "maker", and inventor of Undo,  Matthias Grob is always on hand
>>>> here.
>>>> Kim Flint, his erstwhile partner in Aurisis (the company that
>>>> brought you the EDP)
>>>> maintains this list more or less at his own expense.
>>>> ,
>>>> ...not to detract from Bob's achievement and dedication of course.
>>>> andy butler