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Re: New loopy CD out now: Philipp Zurcher|73-D

hi Philipp, I really enjoyed the tune on the site, excellent work! I 
love both the thematic development and the range of sounds.

Make sure to get this released this electronically as well.

Daryl Shawn

> It's a great pleasure to announce that my new CD will be released by 
> The Swiss Musicians Association this saturday.
> 73-D was originally written for a computer-operated EDP loopback 
> device and performed by three musicians in one continuous 24 hour 
> Don't be afraid: The CD version is only 32 minutes long. The original 
> composition has been rearranged into a dramatically staged piece for 
> an electric string orchestra, virtually cloned from three musicians.
> Listen to an .mp3 part of the CD in the online Shop:
> _http://www.mem.li/CD-73-D_e.html_