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Re: New loopy CD out now: Philipp Zurcher|73-D

Hi group

This is in response to Daryl Shawns message:

>> Listen to an .mp3 part of the CD in the online Shop:
>> _http://www.mem.li/CD-73-D_e.html_

> hi Philipp, I really enjoyed the tune on the site, excellent work!  
> I love both the thematic development and the range of sounds.

Thank you for your kind words. Both the composition/programming/ 
performance and its recording/rearrangement/editing have taken quite  
a lot of working time and have kept me busy for the past two years.

> Make sure to get this released this electronically as well.

I am sure the digital distribution business is fully up and about in  
the pop/rock and some of the jazz business. Not sure about the  
"classical" part of it, where I would place this particular piece of  

How much would you actually be willing to pay for half an hour of  
music in mp3 format? Is that worth twenty times a three minute pop  
song, sold by iTunes for 99cents, or more, or less?
You can download an Mahler symphony for as little as six dollars now.  
But that poor/lucky guy doesn't have to make a living of it any more.

The iTunes discussion is quite interesting because it makes you think  
about values again.

Now what I am actually trying to sell are musical products (because  
you can't sell "music" on its own): Shows, CDs including some printed  
information about the work (text, graphics...), and tutorial.

That's what I am making a living of. - Now if I sell "just" the music  
on iTunes, it's basically their product including my music and you  
might be able to imagine how much of a living I am still making of  
their sales.

Besides: I would like to sell you my work in an approriate quality.  
CD quality is just good enough for your ears. So you are welcome to  
download an aif or wav file from my server if I care to upload it and  
your DSL server doesn't charge you by the minute (but how much would  
you be willing to pay for that, and you still won't get that real  
nice booklet printed on best swiss quality paper including a lot of  
interesting information about the composition and some reeeally nice  
graphics by HinderSchlatterFeuz).

Most people nowadays have a CD or even a DVD in their computer system  
and the software to convert it to whatever data type they prefer to  
carry around in their pods.

Luckily, that's probably why CDs are not yet as dead as people have  
been foretelling for the last couple of years.

But then again, this might as well be the last CD I am bothering with.


Thank you for you sweetly faked attention