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Re: New loopy CD out now: Philipp Zurcher|73-D

This is interesting, Phil.

I very much respect your preference for having the music in a complete 
package with artwork. I do, actually, still buy CD's quite often, and I 
rarely shop on iTunes (though I'm an Emusic and Rhapsody customer). And 
vinyl remains my favorite medium. My comment about getting this released 
electronically is because I think your music deserves to be heard, and I 
think there's no doubt that you will have an exponentially larger 
audience if your music is available online than if you just sell it 
yourself from your home in Switzerland.

I do think that the digital distribution business is active in every 
genre of music - Zoe Keating, for example, has noted that iTunes sales 
have been a big boost to her income. I'm not sure if it outstrips her CD 
sales but I wouldn't be surprised if it did.

The one thing you might consider would be having a middleman such as CD 
Baby make your physical CD's available to those who feel more 
comfortable buying from a seller in their own country. I know for me, in 
Mexico, the chances of your CD arriving intact (if at all...) from 
Switzerland are pretty low - European packages are very tempting to the 
various handlers in my adopted country, sad to say.

If you were to distribute online, I have no idea what is fair to charge 
for a 30-minute piece. However, if I can humbly correct your math, this 
piece being ten times the length of a three-minute pop tune, $9.99 
probably is entirely reasonable. I think it'd be sold as an album - 
there's a 12-minute piece on one of my CD's which I just noticed is 
shown as not available through iTunes, though I didn't personally choose 
any option like that - I believe there's a length limit for individual 
tracks on iTunes anyway.

Daryl Shawn

>> Make sure to get this released this electronically as well.
> I am sure the digital distribution business is fully up and about in 
> the pop/rock and some of the jazz business. Not sure about the 
> "classical" part of it, where I would place this particular piece of 
> music.
> How much would you actually be willing to pay for half an hour of 
> music in mp3 format? Is that worth twenty times a three minute pop 
> song, sold by iTunes for 99cents, or more, or less?
> You can download an Mahler symphony for as little as six dollars now. 
> But that poor/lucky guy doesn't have to make a living of it any more.