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EDP Synch

Perhaps my previous post was too wordy...

Does anyone out there use the EDP synched with their computer/DAW/drum- 
software midi clock? Does synch it work well? (Record functions as  
expected, stays in synch over time etc?)

The old Oberheim's didn't but I have a new one now. However I haven't  
tried this in 8-10 years and years so I have no idea how to set it up  
properly---what settings need to be made in Logic or Ableton Live to  
use the Specrasonics Stylus RMX plug in for drums (mainly) and yet  
have the EDP's record/overdub/nextloop functions work as I normally  
expect them to.

Much thanks for any advice on the best way to use Logic (or Mainstage)  
or Ableton for the routing, effects and drums for use with live EDP