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Re: The ethics of software emulations?

Hey Jeff...

My confabulated eloquence misconstrued you into thinking I was comparing you with a pirate... christ no! Im so sorry... I  was trying to pump it up for the small guys, and to let you know that I admire and respect you and your ilk highly... I have sat many hours trying to learn just a tiny bit of programming, but to no avail. ALL THE PROGRAMS ON MY COMPUTER, with exception of a few big packages that i use for work, that my company bought, are small, fast, well running, less buggy, better designed OPEN SOURCE programs or very very cheap. Audio Mulch, Reaper, Constructor, 3Dworld studio, ImX, to name but a few. (Soundtrack Pro is 250mb on my hard-drive, and Reaper is 5mb). Not saying which is better... but quite a difference in a somewhat simerlar product.

Im much more on an anarchist than you I think.. I say steal and pirate, till all software houses go out of business, people lose their love of technology and move back out to the mountains, and start hitting stickes together around fires... Sure Ill miss my computer... but only cos of losing LD...

whos up for taking LD off the net, and starting to write letters?