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Re: distortion, overdrive,fuzz,crunch,special sauce, secret goo


I'm glad to see you at least admit your ob/com/anal behaviour is "annoying", "academic" and "pompous".  But it's "nothing personal".  You don't expect that these self-described actions might elicit responses in and of themselves???
Yes, I absolutely expect them to elicit responses, and they do evvvvery single time. :)   Aren't your responses proof of that?  You've given me a jolly ol' time. 
Again, I'm talking about the difference between hanging with friends here and feeling like it's a freakin' courtroom.  You want to be the seargeant at arms and call rules of order, cite quotations to prove your case etc. It's f-ing getting old man.
Hey, sorry man. I'm just being my normal internet self. Next time I'll put on a happy face and sing Joy the World as a response to every post I read, and then say (as, was it Johnny Carson's side man?) "You are correct sir!" "May I have another misinterpretation?"   I'll accept PayPal donations to made a video of that, btw....
Wake up dude. I realize you're a festival promoter and have done some insanely generous work for this community but you could also do yourself and the rest of us a real favor by moderating your self-described (above and below) style.
Okay, dude, let me see if I can awake from my self-indulgent, court-room, Spock slumber and find that "Steppford Kris" lying around the closet somewhere.  Being myself is really starting to get old.  [yawn].