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Re: rackmount midi sequencer

I have the Future Retro Mobius sequencer... its great, for what it is... which is a midi AND CV sequencer.. however does NOT do what JJ was asking, as its programed in an analog stylee, and not live input, record style.


On Tue, Feb 24, 2009 at 10:35 PM, Rev Fever <revfever@ubergadget.com> wrote:
Not rack mount, but still kool:  

These guys are a family owned and operated business, have been around since 1996 and make some great equipment. I have purchased from them before and can personally testify to the high quality of the workmanship and features of what they produce. They are also very personable and far better to deal with than some giant mega-corp.

They used to offer this great rack mount sequencer, but unfortunately it now seems to be out of production.

All the best to you,
-Rev. Fever

On Feb 24, 2009, at 1:16 PM, J Johans wrote:

howdy ya'll -
im curious if a product like this exists - i see the functionality im looking for in drum machines.... but i just want a bare bones midi sequencer-

basically i want my e-drums to go into the midi sequencer and record the pattern i play... then loop it untill it gets recorded by my looping software...all the while outputting the midi data to my sound module for drum tones...

i would also have to be able to send it midi messages from my foot controller to start/stop midi recording...

basically...im a shitty drummer... and since i loop to a click.... im looking for a way to quantize the drum parts i play to that click

the korg M3 is a powerful sound module with a midi seequencer built in... but the tech guys werent positive i could control it in such a manner-

any suggestions would be greatly appreciated