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Re: Mobius, Stylus RMX, other choices. WAS: Early bird loopers withLive?

>> But maybe the most important factor for software looper stability is
>> to run the looper as the tempo sync master. This keeps the looper free
>> from the hard labor of adapting to a host tempo while performing all
>> your precious loop mangling commands. Can we have some input on the
>> more computer programming savvy folks on this, please?

2009/4/7 FRO DIDDLY <parispro00@hotmail.com>:

> FYI - i have always slaved mobius to a drum machine (for click track 
> ive had the same lovely experience that you have with extereme mobius
> stability-
> i only use the standalone version as currently i need nothing else-
> i run a 2.2 dual core MBP w/3 gig in bootcamp XP.... about to build a
> compact CPU and go touch screen -- =D
> fro

That's good to know! I'm happy to learn that my guess wasn't correct.
This opens up a lot of interesting ideas for the future...

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen