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Re: Mobius, Stylus RMX, other choices. WAS: Early bird loopers withLive?

2009/4/7 Jan Ozarowski <jan.ozarowski@broadpark.no>:

> What midi controllers do you use to control Mobius?

Different. The foot control is usually a Behringer FCB1010. The I use
two small hand controlled boxes: a mini mixer and a button pad, the
Faderfox LV1 and LX1
...and then I use a lot of laptop computer keys.

> I used to mess around with midi yoke but it pretty complicated.
> Isn't there a better way?

Use OSX, since it already has built-in "MIDI Yoke" capabilities. ;-)

> A simple way to end recording one scene

"scene"... are you referring to Ableton Live here?

> and start
> recording another in next track?

You want a scene change in Ableton automatically call up a Next Track
command in Mobius? That should be possible, if I understand you
correctly, by preparing MIDI clips in Live that contain control data
for Mobius. As you change scene the MIDI Clipe fires off its content
(if you have set Live up that way) into Mobius (if you have routed the
MIDI path that way).

Both Live and Mobius has very explanatory manuals that you read in an
hour. Then you will know what is possible and how to set it up.

> Per i see you are an expert in Logic. Wouldn't it be nice to organize a
> course in Olso? (sorry for off topic...)

Definitely! Do you have any idea who should want to organize that? The
conservatory? Some other schools? I have all my prices and different
educational programs at display on my Swedish web site. Usually
administrators hire me on basis of those courses and we change around
the content a bit to match the particular auditorium. When we played
at Oslo concert house last summer there were some conservatory
students asking me if I "do clinics", so there may be some interest. I
know Norway folks also read the magazines I write tutorials in.

All the best

Per Boysen