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Re: using an RC-50 with a Boss DR-657 drum machine

are you sure...

for everyone else it drifts out of sync over time when syncing to midi  

check again

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On Apr 22, 2009, at 5:31 AM, chris@christojota.de wrote:

> Hi Mike,
> I checked both options: RC 50 as slave and master.
> Iīm using a Roland MC 303 Groove Box and it worked
> well in both ways.
> If you wanna use the RC 50 as slave, you need a Drum-machine with  
> Midi-Out.
> Connect the cable Midi out (Dr mach.) and Midi In (RC 50). Probably  
> you know
> this.
> Swith the in the RC 50 "System: Midi Sync to: Auto"
> Switch your Dr mach. to Sync "out" and "internal".
> IMPORTANT: You have to start your dr mach from the
> 1st measure, not in the middle.
> If I handle it this way the RC 50 will be synced to the
> Groove box. No problems.
> Maybe it works better if you turn on the internal drums of the RC 50
> (even if put on a very low volume, if you donīt wanna hear it).
> Maybe this could help you.
> Best,
> Christo
> www.christojota.de
> www.myspace.com/christojota