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Re: OT Re: Phiew.... guitar intonation - hard work!

hehe..thank you Fishdropper Andy. My guitar is just an off-the-shelf 
model I've never had any work done to. I'll take it on your 
recommendation to have the nut checked out by a good tech, perhaps that 
will fix all things. At this point the intonation drives me a bit crazy.

Daryl Shawn

> As your dedicated fish dropper, I checked it out.
> My electrics don't have the intonation problem that
> the compensated nut is reckoned to fix.
> Neither does my nylon acoustic.
> What all my guitars tend to have, however, is an obsessively
> set up nut height :-)
> Also, I always play with the fingers right up to the fret, pretty
> much in the same position as if it were a fretless instrument, that
> way I don't add extra string tension.
> Conclusion: you're better off just getting the existing nut set up 
> properly/obsessively.
> andy butler