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Re: OT Re: Phiew.... guitar intonation - hard work!


My electrics don't have the intonation problem that
the compensated nut is reckoned to fix

Just out of interest, did you check that your nut is actually in the theoretically 'correct' position with relation to the frets? As previously noted, some manufacturers install their nuts (!) a gnats whisker closer to the first fret than the correct scale length. Your guitars may very well already be 'compensated'.  

What all my guitars tend to have, however, is an obsessively
> set up nut height :-)

However obsessively set up your nut is, the string still needs to stretch to reach the fret or it wouldn't be able to vibrate. 

None of the guitars on which I have installed compensated nuts *needed* the compensation as such. They played, intonated and tuned just fine before. But they sound 'different' after compensation - and to my ears 'sweeter'. Whether they sound 'better' is obviously a matter of taste ...