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Re: OT Re: Phiew.... guitar intonation - hard work!

van Sinn wrote:
> Daryl Shawn wrote:
>> There's a whole school of thought and reason behind installing a 
>> compensated nut. There is debate as to how much it helps, but it's 
> This may have more importance on a classical guitar vs a steel stringer, 
> as the classical with nylon (composite) strings usually have a somewhat 
> higher action, meaning that when pressed, the strings simply gets longer 
>  and more tensioned, so the pitch change is more outspoken.

As your dedicated fish dropper, I checked it out.
My electrics don't have the intonation problem that
the compensated nut is reckoned to fix.
Neither does my nylon acoustic.

What all my guitars tend to have, however, is an obsessively
set up nut height :-)
Also, I always play with the fingers right up to the fret, pretty
much in the same position as if it were a fretless instrument, that
way I don't add extra string tension.

Conclusion: you're better off just getting the existing nut set up 

andy butler