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Re: Looperlative Questions

Title: Re: Looperlative Questions
At 10:19 AM +0200 4/23/09, mark francombe wrote:

And can other MIDI devices be connected to work in conjunction with the drum machine and LP-1? Say, like my Lexicon MPX-110 and a Vortex, or any of the Eventide floor pedals like the ModFactor? Eclipse (rack mounted)?

Mostely you just need midi clock in these devices, midi clock is global, so if it has a cable plugged in.. it will work. But the Vortex has NO MIDI, so you wont be doing that there... there are ways to synchonise a Vortex... but they are clunky. (incidently.. does the LP1 hav a metronone sound, that can come out of a headphone socket or something... then you could sync the Vortex, using a couple of components... its in the archives.. I use this technique with the EDP)

Even though, as Bob pointed out, you could very quickly and simply record a metronome sound and output it via one of the Aux Outs, here's an additional solution.

Go down to your local pawn shop and blow ~$50 bucks on just about any leftover crap drum machine with MIDI from the '80's.  I'd imagine that probably any Alesis -- like their old HR or SR series machines -- ought to do fine.  We already know that the LP-1 outputs reliable MIDI clock.  So just come up with a simple click-track pattern on the drumbox, sync it to the MIDI clock output by the Looperlative, and run this audio click-track into the EDP/Vortex/whatever.  There's not even any need to bother routing the audio from the cheapo drum machine into the mains; it's used solely as a sync device, so who cares what its audio quality is like.

I'm betting you'd get cleaner, more controllable results doing it this way, rather than recording live audio and routing that into the other device.  But of course, YMMV.

At 6:37 PM +0200 4/23/09, Sjaak wrote:
> Kevin wrote:
> My opinion of the LP1 is that, though it is easy to use for simple 
> looping, one will not quickly outgrow it.  I've owned my LP1
> for about 
> 1 1/2 years and I feel as though I've just scratched the surface.

Good point. I would like to add this: because of it's simplicity, it's
easier to focus on the music rather than technology. And imo, because of the
short learning curve, you can improve your looping capabilities much faster
compared to more other high end loopers. Like Kevin said, the LP1 has enough
possibilities to keep you busy for the next couple of years ;)

Yeah, I'll play pile on and agree here as well.

Seems Bob built from the same philosophy that Unix did years ago: construct many simple tools that can each be used on their own, or that can interact and be used together to build functions which are remarkable and complex.  Elegant, functional, and as simple or complex as you'd like to make it.

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