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Re: Sync Vortex to Looperlative Questions

Hang on a minute.

The EDP does send a click, if you decide to listen to it as audio.
but that click is actually a logic trigger.
Because the edp trigger is too short to trigger a Vortex Matthias
worked out the little circuit to lengthen the pulse.


Whether an audio click track passed thro' that circuit would
sync the vortex will only be discovered by trying it.
Possibly if the audio is amplified enough it works ok.
Possibly a kick drum sound would be a good thing to try.


Mech wrote:
> At 10:19 AM +0200 4/23/09, mark francombe wrote:
>>     And can other MIDI devices be connected to work in conjunction
>>     with the drum machine and LP-1? Say, like my Lexicon MPX-110 and a
>>     Vortex, or any of the Eventide floor pedals like the ModFactor?
>>     Eclipse (rack mounted)?

>> something... then you could sync the Vortex, using a couple of 
>> components... its in the archives.. I use this technique with the EDP)
> Even though, as Bob pointed out, you could very quickly and simply 
> record a metronome sound and output it via one of the Aux Outs, here's 
> an additional solution.
> Go down to your local pawn shop and blow ~$50 bucks on just about any 
> leftover crap drum machine with MIDI from the '80's.  I'd imagine that