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Re: Looperlative vs EDP

Well, the Looperlative has the advantage of superior technology,
it does an awful lot the EDP can't, and has the possibility 
of doing a bit more as time goes on, with it's downloadable firmware.

The EDP, by comparison, could be seen as very limited, with it's
mono one loop at a time configuration.

On the other hand the EDP has a much more interactive/organic user 
with an extensive catalog of user tricks possible with just 7 
multi-function buttons.

Apart from the EDP slice'n'dice/loopwindow/SUSfunction madness, and it's 
elegant implementation
of Multiply you could probably program the Looperlative to do anything the
EDP can, in stereo too....but the EDP does it without being programmed,
and possibly by accident.

Does that explain it?

How about

The Looperlative is the Rolls Royce of looping,
the EDP is a cross between a Dune Buggy and hitching 
a lift with Matthias Grob 

andy butler


Jeff Shirkey wrote:
> I know this has been covered before, but can someone list some of the 
> essential differences between the LP-1 and the EDP? Is there anything 
> the EDP can do that the LP-1 can't? (Yes, I realize "essential" is a 
> subjective term here...I guess when I say "essential", I mean "main", 
> not that that really clears anything up...: )
> Thanks,
> Jeff