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Re: Looperlative vs EDP

> On the other hand the EDP has a much more interactive/organic user 
> interface,
> with an extensive catalog of user tricks possible with just 7 
> multi-function buttons.

Organic?  I think the EDP is wonderful device but I found its user 
to be anything but organic.  There is definitely a learning curve to the 
unit.  I think the reality is that you guys have been using the EDP for so 
long that it has become second nature to you, but it is not an easy device 
for somebody new to it.

> Apart from the EDP slice'n'dice/loopwindow/SUSfunction madness,

This is one of the items that you'll always have to get an EDP if you want 
to do it.  I have no intention of recreating this.  It is a beautiful 

Certainly I'll continue to add new and cool features to the LP1, but it is 
not an EDP clone nor did I ever intend it to be.  The LP1 offers numerous 
manipulations not possible on the EDP.  The biggest is the 8 independent 
tracks that can be running simultaneously.  If you use the tracks to 
layers to your piece, then you can apply manipulations such as reverse to 
single layer at any time.  The LP1 also allows you to chop up your audio, 
but it does it with the bounce feature which allows you to record the 
outputs of any combination of tracks to a new track.  With this you can 
large or small sections of your loops to create a new loop.

And best yet, I'll continue to update the LP1 software and there is no 
charge to upgrade to the latest software.

My recommendation is buy one of each.  They are different animals and both 
very cool.

Bob Amstadt
Looperlative Audio Products