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Re: Loopwindiw??? WAS_ RE: Looperlative vs EDP

per said...

loopwindowing. What happens then is that the audio content of your new
shortened loop will change to some random chunk of the previously
longer loop. You see, you can not undo a destructive length cut, as
the multiply-record blow, but all the old audio from the previously
longer loop is still left in the memory buffer, but scrambled.

A popular trick is to make a hell of a long loop with some variations.
Then you cut it down and start improving over the shorter loop while
regularly kicking at the undo to change the loop content.

Its not really random.. or scrambled.. I have done experiments to figure out what exactly is happening.
Basically.. if you record a cycle (1) then multiply onto it, say 8 times (1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8)  THEN multiply down to just say... (2 3) if you hit undo, it depends on your quantise setting of 8ths (I think) but if its set to 8 you will then hear (3 4) one cycle remains and you reveal the next 8th.. If you hit UNDO again you get (4 5).

BUT... if your quantise setting is 4ths you get first (4 5) then (6 7) then (8 1) then (2 3)...

Its something like that anyway... if you work with it alot, without changing settings, you can get used to the results... Its certainly not random... just "Far Out!"