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Re: Looperlative vs EDP

>andy wrote
>> On the other hand the EDP has a much more interactive/organic user 
>> interface,
>> with an extensive catalog of user tricks possible with just 7 
>> multi-function buttons.
Bob Amstadt wrote: 
> Organic?  I think the EDP is wonderful device but I found its user 
> interface to be anything but organic.  There is definitely a learning 
> curve to the unit.  I think the reality is that you guys have been using 
> the EDP for so long that it has become second nature to you, but it is 
> not an easy device for somebody new to it.

Well, I don't know why organic should equate with easy, in any case
the EDP isn't exactly difficult to for a beginner.
Perhaps I should explain what I find organic about it.
Handily the *really easy* buttons are marked Record, Overdub.
>From those 2 buttons you can
1) Record your loop, going directly into Overdub, or not.
2) Overdub by switching it on/off or hold down for duration of Overdub
3) Re-Record the loop starting with a single press
4) Erase the loop.
So that's an incredibly neat implementation of 2 buttons.
Obviously, the EDP has 7 standard buttons,  which is probably
3 or 4 buttons more than "easy"....but there's no need  to
learn them all at once. If you do learn them, they turn out
to be just as well thought out as the first 2.
The EDP is based on the principle that it's easy to start with,
but offers options to be explored. Matthias deliberately left
open every possible option for exploration, thinking that
*someone* might want to use it, the exact opposite of a Roland/Boss
type approach.
It's the well thought out interface that makes the edp organic,
(as well as the fact it doesn't define the start/end of the loop
 if you don't want it to..it's cyclic). 
The EDP isn't designed
to create an easy way to play your old music, it's designed for
the creation of new music that wouldn't exist otherwise.

>> Apart from the EDP slice'n'dice/loopwindow/SUSfunction madness,
> This is one of the items that you'll always have to get an EDP if you 
> want to do it.  I have no intention of recreating this.  It is a 
> beautiful accident.

In the loop3 software, Loopwindowing was an accident, then became 
and improved in loop4.
All the other EDP madness is designed in, some of it at the suggestion
of LDers like Andre Lafosse.

> Certainly I'll continue to add new and cool features to the LP1, but it 
> is not an EDP clone nor did I ever intend it to be.  

I'd always imagined it started as 8 stereo DL4s in a box.

> My recommendation is buy one of each.  They are different animals and 
> both very cool.

I reckon the Looperlative is the looper of choice for anyone who can 
afford it,
unless the EDP concept draws them in.

> Bob Amstadt
> Looperlative Audio Products
Kind of Involved in EDP Type Stuff on Occasion