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Re: Zoe Keating at Old First Church in San Francisco, on Van Nessand Sacramento, Friday April 24th, at 8pm

Zoe Keating schrieb:
> the monitor guy had the stage monitors in front of me on for this song, 
> and towards the end was cranking them so the stage was LOUD (normally we 
> have in ears to avoid this issue). i started to feedback something 
> fierce and couldn't do anything about it.  i had to cut the song and 
> couldn't do my planned long layered looping outro...but it worked out...

Stage monitors need built in volume pedals, and you have to glue a tape 
across the main mixer channels to prevent deaf sound guys to crank up 
anything. I always tell them balancing sound is lowering the too loud 
levels, not pushing what doesn't get through...


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