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Re: El Pino & The Volunteers

First of all, let me state that I have no experience with the Ableton 
looper (Per, any ideas about that how it compares to Möbius? I seem to 
remember you did use it).
> - I must admit there are a few setbacks on it and that's the MIDI and 
>Audio are not sync anymore. I often like to do some live programming with 
>it and that's hell.
Möbius syncs well with Ableton's engine in both ways (i.e. both Ableton 
syncing to Möbius and the other way round).
> - Also I often get this "Out of Memory" error dispite having put a lot 
>of RAM in my laptop. Which is a bit of a drag since you can't save your 
Better than what earlier versions of Ableton Live (XP) did; simply 
crashing the computer for lack of memory...
> I do use a lot of loopers at the same time within Ableton (8 instances) 
>together with some samplers so maybe I'm pushing it to the edge to much. 
>You think Mobius would fix that problem? And since it's a EDP close it 
>would be a walk in the park to get it to know
First of all, Möbius is already eight stereo loopers (think of it as 
eight brothersynced EDP pairs), so you'd only need one instance of it.
For comparison, I used to run Möbius as a plugin in Ableton live, which 
in turn also ran lots of plugins (e.g. Kontakt2 as a sampler) on an old 
Pentium M (passmark rating of 390 I believe) w/ 1GB of RAM without any 

So yes, at least you might give it a try. Btw, Jeff Larson (who wrote 
Möbius) is also on this list...