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Re: Everyday Looper - A Looper for the iPhone/iPod Touch

RaphaŽl - Mancing Dolecules wrote:

> Andy >
>     here at LD there are at least 2 other families
> You puzzle me with this one, good teasing ^^. Could you develop ?

very roughly

3) people who feed the audio into a network of delays and fx which
they have (usually) set up themselves. Typically they use max/msp
and play atonally without a beat.

4) Those who play the looping technology like an instrument.
   i.e. they have a similar interaction with the looper as with
    their instrument.
  hmmm...what's a good analogy? perhaps it compares to
   guys who use finger tapping and other techniques to expand
   their guitar music (except not as standardized).

Does that help? perhaps check out some of the music 
available from list members, you'll find plenty that's
on the continuum that you described, but also much that isn't.

andy butler
so, is there an i-Phone SDK?