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RE: support donations (was Re: future of Looper's Delight (long)

I'd be happy to pay an annual subscription for this group, (I think it's the only one I would do that for).
> Date: Tue, 29 Jun 2010 10:10:04 -0700
> To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
> From: violet@missviolet.com
> Subject: support donations (was Re: future of Looper's Delight (long)
> Jim wrote:
> >One thing I"ve wondered about that you didn't reference unless I missed it
> >but I gather Kim was paying for the hosting/domain as a labor of love.
> >Are you going to need help from the community in maintaining that expense?
> >I know the shirts were to generate some capital for that and though I've
> >not yet purchased I'm going to. If need be I would chip in to the site
> >costs.
> That's an important question and I'm glad you brought it up.
> Yes, Kim was paying out of his pocket as a labor of love, and I will need
> help now. For years we've had ads on our sites (which pay peanuts and
> don't even begin to cover cost) and Kim has Paypal buttons on Looper's
> Delight.
> However, all of those things were in Kim's name and I can't access them, so
> I'm going to have to scramble to try to get those changed over to my
> accounts. (Google AdSense required us to lump all of our ad accounts under
> one primary account, so I can't even access proceeds the Google ads on MY
> site are bringing in right now.)
> The t-shirts are a labor of love as well. Zazzle requires a minimum
> mark-up and it's only something like $2.00/shirt. We left that at the
> minimum, because the shirts are already a bit expensive (we went with them
> because of the higher quality) and we didn't want people not to be able to
> afford them, so the proceeds we're getting are a drop in the bucket and
> won't come close to covering the cost, especially not over the long-term.
> So it is VERY important right now that if anyone wants to donate to help
> pay cost of the server/hosting, please go to MY website,
> http://undented.com, and donate using the Donate button at the top of the
> right-hand column. That goes to a Paypal account that I can access myself.
> All of those donations will be used to support the sites.
> The server bill has been overdue for the past week, but the co-lo facility
> is working with us and has given us an extension. I've told them I will do
> my best to pay on the 1st.
> Violet
> xoxox

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