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Re: support donations (was Re: future of Looper's Delight (long)

Agreed.  Occasional donations work for public radio after all.  We just 
to keep the Pledge Drive less whiny and insistent... :)

From: "Violet Xoxox" <violet@missviolet.com>
Sent: Wednesday, June 30, 2010 10:50 PM
To: <Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com>
Subject: Re: support donations (was Re: future of Looper's Delight (long)

> Daryl wrote:
>>I like Kevin's idea a lot. I think any kind of subscription would keep
>>new folks away. I'm inclined to think that an occasional appeal would
>>raise all that is needed.
> I agree.  I don't believe Kim would have been on board with making
> subscription required to access the site.  He would have wanted it to be
> available to everyone.  He was more of a "hey, let's all work together"
> kind of guy.
> So for now, if you can help and are so inclined, please do.  If you 
> that's okay, too.  Every donation is being earmarked just for the server,
> so rest assured it won't be used for anything else.  If there's a point
> where things are looking dicey, I'll give a holler.
> When we have the site built, if we're having trouble we may add some
> premium features that people could pay a few bucks a month to access 
> (porn!
> no, just kidding), things that wouldn't affect anyone's use and enjoyment
> of the site, but would give donors a little something special that they
> could do (like adding music clips or video to their profile pages). 
> That's
> what I was going to do for Kim anyhow, for a re-vamped Loop Artists Of 
> World section; we wanted people to be able to put audio/video on their
> profiles, but of course that takes up more resources and puts a heavier
> load on the server, so we would have offered that as an extra feature to
> help offset the cost.  That way you'd be helping out, and you'd be 
> something back in return.  And for people who didn't care about that, 
> would still be able to SEE AND USE the entire site.  Nothing would be
> blocked from anyone.  It's a win-win.
> One thing we don't have to think about is finding a new webhost or worry
> about domain registration, as we are a webhost/registrar.  (Violacea.com)
> We're hosting several sites, it's just that we've always been lax about
> reminding people to pay.  It wasn't so critical to the server's existence
> before.  I'm going to have to be better organized on that now, though!
> Because we ARE a webhost, one option we have is to host more sites, so if
> any of you have personal sites/blogs already, or you would like one, we'd
> be happy to set it up and host it for you.  In fact, I've been talking to
> the people helping behind the scenes about the possibility of creating a
> sort of Looper's Delight Collective, hosting loopers' sites under a group
> banner ... a network of related sites.  Similar to when there used to be
> webrings, but these would all be HOSTED in the same place and could even 
> be
> tied into Looper's Delight (instead of having a profile page, you'd have
> your own site/domain to showcase your music).
> There are a lot of possibilities.  I just can't focus heavily on such
> things at this moment, because, well ... you know.
> So for now, let's just take it slow.  The donations you're all making are
> wonderful and I'm touched by how much you care.  I am SO proud of what 
> created - what you all created together.  We're doing okay so far.  
> try not to worry or scramble too much.  Trust me, you'll hear me 
> if anything really bad happens.  :)
> Violet
> xoxox