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Re: ADSR stomp box

Probably because it doesn't really seem to make sense when applied to a straight guitar signal. There's not a lot of "S" there and it's hard to imagine how you'd implement the "R".  And then there's the problem of how to interface it with whatever effect you'd want to control with it, if any.  Possibly the ADSR could be done with some kind of "enhanced Sustainiac" sort of thing, but a free standing stomp box doesn't seem likely.


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Subject: ADSR stomp box

Bill mentioned the Pigtronix Philosopher's King pedal as being a dream
coupling of a compressor and an Envelope Generator with an ADSR.

I've always been curious why more guitar players aren't interested in
a fully functioning ADSR and wonder,  does anyone make an ADSR stomp
box pedal (in this case, without a compressor).

The Pigronix does look really cool but I wish it didn't take up so much
real estate
(and I really wish I had more money to be able to afford it, currently).

Any ideas?

rick walker