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Re: ADSR stomp box

On Nov 20, 2010, at 9:03 AM, Rainer Straschill wrote:

> So that's probably the "ultra-conservative guitarist" viewpoint you're 
>mentioning here ;).
> Basically, I understand that Rick wants something like the envelope mode 
>in my trusted TC Triple-C, which is some huge fun on any kind of signal, 
>including (but not limited to) percussive sounds (i.e. sound without a 
>lot of "S").
> However, as Rick asked for some kind of ADSR without a compressor, I 
>believe there's a reason that both usually come together. To make that 
>ADSR effect, you need next to the ADSR generator a VCA-kinda thing and a 
>threshold/envelope detector - in short, functions which a compressor 
>already has, so it's easy to make it also work as a compressor.
> The aforementioned Triple-C, while not being a stompbox (as Rick asked), 
>is, as I said, huge fun. In addition to the highly creative envelope 
>mode, you can also run it as a fullrange compressor-limiter or multiband 
>compressor-limiter combo. And you get a sidechain input (and this is 
>where the ADSR function really starts to get fun).
>         Rainer

Or how about an SPL Transient Designer? Not a pedal, however, and just 
handling attack and decay which as noted without some source of additional 
sustain is all that really makes sense.