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RE: Rang III question and also I need help with clipping and distortion problem.

Hi Sergio,
My Rang has a very clean sound but it doesn't need much driving so I suggest you just keep your inout levels quite low. 
Re. storing loops - if you want to keep loops you've created, just record them into Cubase. The 'rang is aimed at people creating loops live so to speak. Are you trying to re-record previously made loops into the 'rang? 
If you need a mic inout and are looking at e.q. then a small mixer might be a good investment for you. I like the Alesis ones but there are many cheap and excellent quality ones around. If I were to get another, I'd go for one with a usb interface, that'd let you transfer your loops pretty seamlessly to your computer.



Gareth Whittock, sound artist: garethwhittock.co.uk

From: simpliflying@gmail.com
To: loopers-delight@loopers-delight.com
Subject: Rang III question and also I need help with clipping and distortion problem.
Date: Thu, 21 Jun 2012 02:19:43 +0000

Hello to everybody!

I was expecting some "hey! Congratulations!" for my "Arrived" message where I tell I received the Rang II so I am officially a looper :)
Anyway, I have enough chocolate ice cream (I scream, you scream, we all scream for Ice Cream) to compensate the emotional damage of this silence.

In the while I am playing with the Rang II.
1) Beautiful! Little. Nice. Powerful.
2) A bit noisy seems to be, if volume is more than 2/3. Is it normal?
3) How can I make a loop longer? I see that if a loop is 4 beats then if I don't stop stacking on time it starts the loop from the beginning and keeps stacking (which is uncomfortable both because I cannot make a loop longer, and because I must be very careful not to reoverub!)
4) I did not pay attention before: it has got no memory extension. So, no SD card. If time is over, time is over. But for now I am confident that the time will be enough. We'll see.
5) Also I did not pay attention to this before: it cannot store loops. I am not interested in a extensive storage RC300 style, I will improvise on stage, I do not need presaved loops, but it would be nice if when I do something nice and I do not have a recorder with me, I could store it on the looper.
6) Other "did not pa attention before": no mic input. So, mixer or mixer. Which is a BIG mistake IMHO. It is so much smaller than a RC300, damn, Mike, put a Mic input please, so I can go where I want with just looper and mic for a very emergency survival loop kit. Loopers are NOT anymore just for guitarists or keyboardists!

Then there are few details more (which I believe they could be fixed with just a software update) but I am taking the time to know it better. Too early to say really.

But apart for these things, it is great. 

Now, the clipping/distortion.
I am doing lot of pseudo techno stuff with it, but mostly with a mic and effects to make my voice much lower and make it sound like an instrument.
So, lot of basses.
I am new to music and this question is probably very very basic but... what is a compressor/limiter for? I was about to buy a RNC or RNLA, or a DBX166xs.
I Just see that in Cubase there is a plugin compressor limiter which helps me a lot in preventing clipping and saturation of sound.
I really need to avoid clipping, saturation, distortion.
I will of course pay attention to the input and gain of the mic, but it happens anyway that there is clipping etc.
Somebody told me I should use a good equalizer but I still have the suspect that I need something different.