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Re: Anyone here never livelooped?

I do some live looping but it's not the main thing I do.
I work with preset and created loops for composing and improvising.
My music often is a combination of all of these approaches along with straightforward instrument playing and some programming, etc. I don't usually post my music to the list because most of it doesn't feature live looping as a main prominent feature but I enjoy reading the discussions (both "on topic" and "off topic") and I learn a lot from them.

JC Mendizabal
Black Note Music

Via Sinistrae

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On 8/11/2012 11:22 AM, Tyler wrote:
Hello! Are any of you guys members of this mailing list because you loop 
in the studio? Anyone never
livelooped? After all, this site is about looping, including livelooping; 
not just livelooping, even
though there is an abundance of livelooping. It is okay to talk about pop 
music with a lot of repeated
samples; we just need to tell a lot of indie studio loopers about the 
list, and we can make the list more
like how it is described on the website; looping of all kinds.
Tyler Z