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Re: Echolplex problems

>>4.  I guess I would also like to take this opportunity to perform a 
>>"Oberheim bashing":  While the echoplex units are quite remarkable, and
>>bugs are to be expected from such new technology, I am quite unsatisfied
>>with Oberheim's customer service.  They do not answer their phones.  Many
>>times they have not returned my calls.  They have denied that these bugs
>>exist.  My brother and I sent in our units months ago, to be upgraded, 
>>we haven't heard one word from them regarding their status -- they won't
>>return our calls!  (for all I know, $2000 worth of out equipment was lost
>>in the mail!).  Anyways, enough about that.  My goal isn't really to bash
>>Oberheim -- but I want to make my experiences known.
>>By the way, this last item does not apply to my dealings with Kim.  He 
>>been quite helpful, and I really appreciate his service!
>Oberheim's main problem is a lack of resources. (Their other biggest
>problem is being part of Gibson, but I'll leave some of those tales for
>another time...) I have strong disagreements with their tendency to then
>prioritize things so that customers like you suffer in this way. I mean,
>you bought 5 echoplexes! They should be treating you like a king.

Just thought of another idea for you here. Call Gibson's customer service
line about the problem. They are much more responsive, and are actually
reasonably good as a customer service team. I think the number is
1-800-4-GIBSON. It should be on their web site, www.gibson.com.

Kim Flint
OEM Engineering
Chromatic Research