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Re: Echolplex problems

>>Is one or all of your units pretty old? I think the first 50-100 were
>>really prone to this. New ones are less so. Shortly before I quit g-wiz I
>>came up with a design improvement that totally solves these problems. I'm
>>pretty sure it is not part of the current fab. Its a bit more complicated
>>than a resistor swap, but I'd be happy to explain it. Just promise you
>>won't all electrocute yourselves!
>Yes, the units were purchased soon after they came out.  Please send the
>procedure when you get a chance.  Oberheim has my units right now, 
>so there's no hurry...Thanks!
>- Chris
>Chris Chovit

I think I will put up an Echoplex hardware hacking guide on the web page.
There are a bunch of mods you can do, most of which are pretty easy.


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