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Re: Loops (no! loops?)

>You are all lucky to have these toys. So far trying to use advertisement
>in american paper I could find here in france (mostly gutar player and
>keyboards) to reach american retailers that could send to France. no
>succes so far. If you have a phone number of anyone, let me know..

>Olivier M.

I can't remember Oberhiem's distributor in France, but it probably doesn't
matter because it didn't pass CE emissions tests and so far as I know that
problem wasn't fixed. I could be wrong about that though. I had finished
most of the design revisions for that before I left, I just don't know if
they ever actually did it.

You can probably get one in Switzerland, since they don't require CE
approval. I think the distributer there is Holles, if I remember right.

Gibson's web page could probably help you find a dealer. That's
www.gibson.com. I'm sure there are phone numbers there too. Oberheim's
phone number is 510-635-9633. (add the right country code for the US, I
have no idea what that is. I couldn't figure it out when I was in europe,

hope that helps, if you still have troubles, ask me again.


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