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Re: Gremlins and other oddities

>> I have a suggestion: In order to demonstrate to Oberheim just how much
>> demand there is for the upgrade, perhaps we should initiate an e-mail
>> campaign demanding that the upgrade be released
>excellent idea, Andre. Maybe it will stir up something at Oberheim 
>Kim and Matthias: who do you think we should send the email to?

Some rabble-rousers, I like it!

I could be completely diabolical and give you the email addresses of all
the Gibson Guitar execs. A nagging voice tells me that won't really solve
the problems, despite whatever amusement it may provide me. So until I stop
hearing voices, I'll hold on to those.

Oberheim is pretty good a fending off pesky customers, but if you want to
rant at their voice mail system the number is 510-635-9633 or

Probably even better is to call Gibson's customer relations number, which I
think is 1-800-4GIBSON. Allen Green is the echoplex man there. They have
some sort of mailing list thing which you can learn about at:
http://www.gibson.com/info/listserv/gibson-custrel/    You can spam that to
your heart's content.

Now that I think about it, Mike Lyon, OB's general manager, provided his
email address on door-x, so it can't hurt to put it here. mlyon@gibson.com

Have fun, and don't tell 'em I sent you!


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