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Re: Gremlins and other oddities

Andre said:

>Beyond that, there's a function called "loop copy" which was apparently
>not finished in time for the initial shipment of the Oberheim; the slot on
>the front panel reserved for this function doesn't actually do anything,
>so you have to use a slightly less direct combination of commands to get
>this going (although it does work flawlessly when you use it).

Not only was the LoopCopy parameter not finished, we hadn't even managed to
agree on how it was supposed to work!

>I've also noticed that the delay mode of the unit tends to be a bit
>tempramental in terms of how and where it decides to place the loop point.

?? Never heard of that problem. What do you mean?

>I've talked to Kim about most of these problems, and they look to be
>solved by the now-legendary Currently Unavailable Echoplex Upgrade.  Kim

That's the CU-EU for short....

>has also made reference (on the Torn list, I think) to a variety of other
>fairly minor bugs which most of us have hopefully never noticed.  (Are
>there any others we should be on the lookout for, Kim?)

The bugs are mostly obscure, I think, and for most uses you don't ever
notice them. Things like failing to recognize midi note-offs properly, and
problems with sample dumps to some samplers with weird implementations. One
of the parameters (MuteMode, I think) failed to store itself properly on
powerdown. I think 8ths/beat = 1 had a problem generating midi clock right.
The occasional reverse pops (fairly rare, but annoying when they happen). I
don't have a handy list to paste in here, and those are the noteworthy
things I'm remembering.

Here's some little blurb I sent to someone about it once upon a time:

There are a myriad of bug fixes, numerous minor adjustments and
improvements to existing functions, and some great new features as well.
Some things of interest are: LoopCopy, Multiple Parameter Sets, Sysex
parameter dump, real-time sysex parameter control, noise-gate threshold
control, implementation of midi program change for controlling everthing
with dumb footpedals, greatly improved sync capabilities, and bunches of
other stuff.

hope this helps,


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