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Re: Performances Past, Present and Future

>I *know* there are more of you out there than those who have already
>responded!  I won't attempt to "out" anyone here ;-}, but given that the
>web page lists nearly a dozen loop users based on the West Coast (and that
>many of them seem to have a slant towards live performance), it really
>seems feasible that some sort of summit concert could and should be
>arranged.  I've got a couple of ideas in terms of places around LA that
>would be likely candidates for the thing to happen; Mr. Killian
>recommended Nels Cline, who runs a weekly new music night at the Alligator
>Lounge in Santa Monica and who is himself a loopist -- I actually caught a
>solo show of his a few weeks ago that leaned heavilly on an old Memory Man
>footpedal.  If there's a center for "fringe" music in LA, Nels Cline and
>the Alligator are probably it, and there's a guaranteed core constituency
>there.  (I do think it would be great to try and present this to an
>audience outside of ourselves.)
I'm interested, though Oregon's a LOOOONG ways from LA, with enough advance
I may be able to make it.

Cline is pretty inspiring. My band opened for his trio in June, we were
pretty seriously blown away.

Dave Trenkel, NEW EMAIL ADDRESS: improv@peak.org
self promotional web-site: http://www.peak.org/~improv/
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and bulbous, got me?"
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