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Re: new standard tuning

Thank you for these kind helping words, Dave my friend.
You are right, I should not shut out any possiblilties. There are no limits
to growth but the limits push to growth...

>>>3) Forget about BENDING.  It will break strings, almost always.  (Of 
>>>you can get away with on the bottom 3 or 4 strings if you really want.
>>I would rather play without strings than without bending.
>Just like short loops with sudden endings with NO REVERB...perhaps playing
>without bending might force one to play in a new and different fashion...
>can one express emotion through the guitar WITHOUT recourse to the
>blues/standard "emotive" sound of a bend?  if you WANT to bend, of course
>DO, in OST.  but in NST...there are challenges to be met.
>don't dismiss it out of hand.  and the irregularity in NST is far simpler
>and easier to overcome than the crippling, hand-it-down-for-centuries 
>onward) oh-god-it's a fourth-instead-of-a-fifth "standard tuning"
>it least in NST you have five strings, in sequence, in which scales are
>IDENTICAL and UNIQUE.  no having to worry when you get to that third 
>it's all in your perspective, my friend.  you of all people will 
>try it anyway.  ask yourself: can I make even better music WITHOUT 
>i find more and more the answer is yes.  also: in NST, i constantly use 
>WHAMMY II pedal for pitch manipulation, octaving and bending.  so in this
>sense...it makes no difference WHAT the strings are tuned to.
>if not whammying: NST no bending.
>if whammying: NST no bending
>(or: OST no bending)
>just trying to confuse the hell out of everyone :)