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Re: new standard tuning

I have an information that could be interesting to all people using NST.
Replace your high G guitar string wit ha good german quality hrpsichord
string. Why? Because the quelity of the steel compares in nothing with the
&@@##@ quality of american and sweedish steel we usually have. I won't go
into detail, but where you would be stopped at G# (or more) with a guitar
string, a harpsichord string will be able to go about two whole tone
Higher. I do personnally have a perfect fifth tuning (low to high: A E B
F# C# G#) I of course had these problems with G# string breaking and and I
could very much bend this string (of course) with fingers or tremolo... To
my knowing, the best string is a german one called "Roslow". I use the
equivalent of a .008 for my G# wich is (harpsichord are measured in
millimeters) 0.2 mm.

Olivier Malhomme