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new standard tuning

matthias said:

>>I now only play in RF's new standard tuning for guitar.
>I am ashamed to ask in this club. I almost participated on a course, but I
>cannot learn such way. So please, tell me the RF tuning. Thanks.

from lowest to highest:

C   G   D   A   E  G

Only the D remains from Old Standard, although you do have the high E (now
on the second string).  And of course the G and C are LOWERED.

This acheives perfect fifths across the lowest five strings...and you must
then learn to deal with the anomaly of the high G (not hard with practice).

Three warnings:

1) RF has said that the tuning alone is not much use without all of the
other GC exercises and disciplines

2) This is hard on guitars, and for the first TWO or THREE years I was
CONSTANTLY breaking my high G string (or the E or the A...)  Now I never 
a gentle consistent approach, and familiarity with the language...at some
point it finally all clicked.

3) Forget about BENDING.  It will break strings, almost always.  (Of course
you can get away with on the bottom 3 or 4 strings if you really want.

have FUN

dave at studio seventeen


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