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west coast gigs

>That's the number of people I've counted thus far (not including myself, 
>which I s'pose makes it eight, huh?) interested in doing a West Coast 
>looping gig:
>Dave Trenkel (current holder of the long-distance award)
>Sean Echevarria
>Joe Cavaleri
>Matt McCabe
>Chris Chovit
>Ted Killian
>Tom Attix
>Andre LaFosse

You can certainly count me in too (I'm in San Diego) but my schedule is 
of a problem than driving to LA or whatever.  I can't absolutely commit, 
if it's a couple months away...and preferably on a SATURDAY!

I think it would be good (but with 8 ++ performers it's going to be a
LONNNNNNGGGGGGG show...) to hear several different approaches to live
looping performance.

dave at seventeen

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