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Re: west coast gigs

>>West Coast looping gig:
>>Dave Trenkel (current holder of the long-distance award)
>>Sean Echevarria
>>Joe Cavaleri
>>Matt McCabe
>>Chris Chovit
>>Ted Killian
>>Tom Attix
>>Andre LaFosse
>>Dave Stafford
>I think it would be good (but with 8 ++ performers it's going to be a
>LONNNNNNGGGGGGG show...) to hear several different approaches to live
>looping performance.

May I suggest that some of you join on stage to fill it more and to make it
more interesting also for you. It does not mean that the preset have to
play all the time, it could be a loose from one to the next.
 Maybe some live close and could rehearse a piece or in case of impro, know
each others kind?

For this, it actually would make a lot of sense to compile the cassette 

I would REALLY like to participate on this...