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Re: suggestions

Jay said
>i'm a bock and blues guitarist

block and rues, you mean? :)

I hope you discover also the facilities looping brings for almost any style
of music. I am happy that you care for the "original" loop music, but I am
also very interested in hearing people create new things apart, like new
ways to play "traditional" music.

For rock guitar I see the live recording of a harmonic turn around to later
solo over it. I does not need to folow imediately.

On the ECHOPLEX you could do it like this:

press RECORD at the beginning of the riff or harmonies, maybe while 
press MUTE at the end of the riff to terminate the recording an save it 
press UNDO to call the riff anytime and let it roll from the beginning,
or press INSERT to hear the riff once and fall back to silence.

With exactly the same procedure you can save a refrain voice and bring it
back at the next refrain to sing the second voice over it and so on...

Any other suggestions for