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Re: Vortex Applications Notes

>> I now have a computer at home.  I'm very tempted to convert this 
>> to HTML and then submit it here (or at my web site) so all of you with
>> Vortex units can try the things that Lexicon suggests is possible.
>> If interested, let me know.
>are you kidding? of *course* we're interested!! :-)
>(I hope submitting it here won't raise any difficult copyright questions.)

Don't get concerned about the copyright area--they're not concerned so you
shouldn't be. It was never a big deal, and frankly somebody ought to put 
them on
a website since Lex's management seem to be convinced that a website is a 
thing. (No kidding).

There are a few decent notes in there, some of them I did myself. Todd: I'm
going to do some digging to see if I have the original text files here (I 
them at home, but final assembly was at the office, so....) Anyway, this 
may be
a big time saver for you if I can score the files.

Jon Durant